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Details of Mailing List for Marketing Campaign

Over 50 Million B2B Emails in USA

Over 50 million direct B2B contacts are available categorized by industries, job titles, departments, and more. Pricing starting at $29 for 500 Leads

More than 2 Million USA Realtors
Real Estate

More than 96% Accurate unique 2 million realtors available with contact name,email ,phone , fax ,address , License number and etc.

Targeted Email List
Email Marketing

Targeted email lists, such as cryptocurrency enthusiasts, super backers, crowdfunding job seekers, Kickstarter participants, general contractors, and more, are available.

FAQs Regarding Email Database for Marketing Campaigns

What is an Email Database?

An Email Database is like a collection of names and email addresses, along with other important contact info. When you get one, it usually comes in a Microsoft Excel file.

After you buy it, you can download it to your computer and start sending emails to potential customers. You can use this list as many times as you want and send emails whenever you need to.

How do I buy Email List?

The fastest way to obtain email lists is by purchasing them from a leading provider like We offer a vast variety of contact databases in different categories, including email IDs, phone numbers, cell numbers, addresses, and more.

Simply go to this link, and you will see the main databases listed. Then, select your preferred list from the relevant main database, choose the listed email list in the table, add it to the cart, and proceed to checkout.

Is it a good idea to buy email addresses?

Absolutely! If you're looking to grow your business and discover new customers, you should consider prospecting. Buying email lists is a fast and cost-effective way to find potential customers.

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have purchased email address lists from us and achieved significant success. They would enthusiastically confirm that buying email addresses is indeed a great idea!

For further information on this subject, please visit our Email Lists & Email Address Lists page.

What are the advantages of purchasing email addresses?

  • Get New Customers: Our special tool helps you find them fast.
  • Affordable: Prices start at $69.00 for 500 customers.
  • Quick: It takes about 5 minutes to buy a list on average.
  • Easy: Buy a list online or over the phone.
  • More than 96% Deliverability: Everyone on the list receive emails.
  • Start Marketing Fast: Once you have your Email List, you can start emailing potential customers in no time.
  • CRM: Put your new customer info into your CRM to build your list.
  • Boost Sales Now: Customers can click from your email to your website checkout in seconds.

What makes purchasing email list from JozData a good choice?

  • More than 96% Deliverability
  • Email Cleansing via NeverBounce
  • Voted Best List Broker by
  • Easy to Use Excel, CSV Files
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Starting at $69 for 500 Emails
  • 1000’s of Happy Customers
  • Email Marketing Expert Assistance
  • You can Start growing your small business today!

What are the type of Databases available to sell?

  • B2B Email List by States
  • B2B Email List by Job Titles
  • B2B Email List by Industries
  • Real Estate Agent Email List
  • Targeted Email List
  • Consumer Email List
  • Email List by Countries

Is buying email addresses legal?

Absolutely! Buying email lists is legal.

The primary federal law overseeing the sending of commercial emails in the U.S. is the CAN-SPAM Act. This law does not explicitly forbid the buying and selling of email lists. Instead, it focuses on regulating the content, purpose, and practices related to sending commercial emails. You can find the complete text of the CAN-SPAM Act on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) website or through official U.S. legislative databases to review its provisions and understand its focus.

The CAN-SPAM Act, designed to govern commercial email, outlines requirements for commercial messages, grants recipients the right to opt-out, and outlines severe penalties for violations.

For more details, you can refer to the Federal Trade Commission's CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business. In conclusion, purchasing email marketing lists and buying email lists for marketing purposes is legally permissible.

How do the email lists I buy come?

Purchased email lists commonly come in CSV (Comma-Separated Values) format. CSV files are plain text files where each row represents a record, and the values for each record are separated by commas.

In the context of email lists, each row might contain information like the email address, name, and possibly other relevant details, with commas serving as separators between different pieces of information.

What should I do after purchasing an email list?

Once you've bought email lists, it's time to put your marketing plan into action and send your messages to potential customers!

Add the list of email addresses to your email program and launch a campaign to reach your target audience. Alternatively, you can pass the USA email list to a trusted email service provider, and they'll handle sending the emails for you. And just like that... you're done!

Remember: For the best results, it's smart to use a reliable third-party email service provider. This ensures that more of your emails reach their destination, fewer get bounced back, and they're less likely to end up in people's spam folders. Plus, you'll likely get more people opening and reading your emails.
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