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331,500 Crowdfunding Email List from Indiegogo & Kickstarter – 2024 Updated

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Get 331,500 people excited to support your project with our help. We have lists of people who are interested in crowdfunding. These lists have essential details like their email addresses, names, and the number of projects they've supported before.

We know building a community around your product is essential. With JozData, you can quickly start this process. Our lists can support you from before you launch your project through crowdfunding and selling your product.

JozData understands the complexities associated with taking your product or service to market can be daunting, which is why we have made it easier than ever. Our ready-made Crowdfunding Email List saves you time and effort. You can focus on your project knowing we've already done the work.

Email is a powerful way to reach people. It's 40% more effective than other ways of communicating. With our lists, you can connect with backers who are excited to see your project succeed. Start your crowdfunding campaign with JozData today, and take advantage of it.

FAQ of Crowdfunding Backers Email List

What's in the Crowdfunding List file?

The Crowdfunding List file has important details for your project. It includes the backer's name, email, the project's name (like on Indiegogo or Kickstarter), and a link to the project. It also tells you how many people have supported the project, which shows how popular it is. This information helps you reach out to people interested in projects like yours, making your campaign better.

Are the emails real Backersl?

Yes, all the emails are from real people who support crowdfunding, collected in 2024. This means you're talking to people really interested in crowdfunding, which is good for your project.

Where do these email addresses come from?

We get these emails from places where lots of crowdfunding fans hang out, like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram). We also look in special groups and forums. This way, we find a lot of different people who might like your project.

Is it okay to use this database for sending emails?

Yes, it's totally legal to use this database for emails. We make sure everything is okay with the law, like the CCPA and GDPR. This means people are okay with getting your emails, which is good for your project's reputation.

How fast do I get the database after paying?

Yes, it's totally legal to use this database for emails. We make sure everything is okay with the law, like the CCPA and GDPR. This means people are okay with getting your emails, which is good for your project's reputation.

Are the Kickstarter emails good to use?

Yes, over 95% of our emails work, so you won't waste time on bad emails. We check the emails regularly to make sure they're still good.

When was the database last updated?

We update the database every three months to make sure the information is fresh and useful for reaching out to people.

Can I see a sample list?

Yes, you can download a sample list from our website to see if it fits your needs. This helps you decide if our database is right for your project.

Do you promise that I'll get money from using your list?

We can't promise you'll get money because that depends on many things, like how good your project is and how you talk about it. Our list helps you find people who might want to support you, but you also need a good project and plan.

Where are the Countries of these Backers ?

Most of our Superbackers are from the USA, which is great if you're looking to attract American supporters. But we also have backers from Europe, making your project appealing to people in different places.

Can I use the list if my campaign hasn't started yet?

Yes, our list can help you before and after your campaign starts, helping you get people excited about your project.

Choose the Best Price Plan for the CrowdFunding Baker Database Email List

Crowdfunding Backer Database - 331,500 Contacts
A subset of complete database which includes following data fields.
  • Backer Email Addresses : 331,500
  • Backer Names : 218091
  • Project Names : 282,151
  • Project Link : 88,488
  • Payment Method Menetion Raws : 181,56
  • Raised Amount Menetion Raws : 87,252
  • Phone Numbers : 2677
  • Shipping Mail Addresses:36,300

Another 11 ways to Build a Crowdfunding Email List

First of all, create an online landing page.

To start, make a particular webpage. This page is made for a specific purpose, like getting emails, unlike your main website, which is for your business overall. This particular page is essential for getting people interested in your fundraising efforts. You'll send people to this page before your fundraising campaign starts. You can make this page using online tools that track things and help send emails. Make sure you make this page before you start your campaign so you can start getting emails from it.

  • A big title that tells people what your campaign is about.
  • Some short writing that supports your main idea. It should describe your product or brand briefly. If you know when your project starts, tell people.
  • A clear message that tells people what to do next. Usually, it's something like, "give us your email so we can send you updates about the project."
  • A spot where people can type in their email address and agree to get emails from you.

Make your page visually pleasing by including elements such as your logo or pictures, but try to keep things straightforward and easy for people to navigate. The goal is for people to subscribe without becoming distracted.

Get email addresses from people at offline events.

Ask attendees if they would give you their email addresses at parties, meetings, and conferences. If you are running a table or booth at the event, offering prizes as an incentive may encourage sharing contact info with you.

Ask your current followers to help.

Make sure that your current followers spread the word! Every email should include options such as "Email to Friend" and sharing on social media; as part of your campaign, even offering rewards such as discounts on products or extra perks could encourage supporters to refer others!

Use social media to get more signups.

Regular posts are great ways to engage your followers, but ads can reach even further beyond them. Try tweeting a call-to-action form with a signup form for emails; boost a Facebook post that leads people directly to signup pages; make sure your page offers an engaging mix of ads and non-ad content; then optimize this mix over time!

Have a chat on Twitter.

Twitter chats are online gatherings where people gather for several hours on Twitter to discuss a particular subject matter. You can search Twitter chats related to your work and ask to join. For instance, if you make clothing specifically designed for working out or phone accessories, you could join fitness chats; otherwise, if it is something related to phones, use this opportunity to talk with potential followers who could become interested and get them subscribed to your email list!

Offer something for free

People are more likely to provide their email addresses in exchange for something tangible. Offer a gift or resource online, such as an eBook, to entice people to join. This will increase their enthusiasm.

Include a link in your bio on social media and email signature

With every interaction with new people, you can increase email signups. Once your special webpage is in place, share the link in appropriate places, such as social media bios or email signatures; even pin a post about it directly on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages so it stays at the top. Keep talking to followers online and posting interesting material so they remain engaged!

Team up with others using Cross-promotion

Are you crowdfunding? Or have you encountered someone whose work you admire with audiences similar to yours? If so, why not promote each other's projects through cross-promotion. Cross-promotion allows two project creators to share their campaigns with each other's audiences? Your project could gain additional support with this approach while gathering email addresses before its start date. Work closely with your partner and ask them to share your signup page with their community; in return, you should share their signup page with yours and vice versa. Use social media and emails as tools for helping each other out - don't limit yourselves; there are many places you can promote, such as project updates, blogging platforms, ads you both use together, event booth sharings... and don't be shy to experiment and try something different! Be creative and explore different possibilities!

Host a dinner party

Host a giveaway to increase email addresses. Offer something people truly desire as the prize and invite people to subscribe to your mailing list in exchange for it. Please spread the word about your giveaway via social media, ask friends to spread the word, tell current customers of its existence, and even team up with another business to host giveaways to generate even greater exposure!

As tempting as it might be to offer something costly as a prize, such as a new laptop or TV, these might garner lots of entries without actually engaging people's interest. Instead, choosing something related to what you do would likely bring more entries, such as offering special drawings from comic book artists or board game designers offering customized dice.

Connect with influential people

As you launch your crowdfunding campaign for the first time and may be unfamiliar to some people, attracting their attention may prove challenging. But don't despair: plenty of others with loyal audiences or followers would welcome connecting with you; sometimes, just having several thousand followers might make more sense than working with hundreds of thousands who need to pay more attention to what they share.

Finding the Right Partners

Many people may say no when you request their assistance, while others might agree but not follow through on what was promised. Therefore, it's essential that you contact as many different people as possible—specifically, micro-influencers with between 10,000 and 100,000 followers who share an interest in your project. You can search websites like Buzzsumo or Hootsuite to identify these influencers.

How to Reach Influencers

Once you've identified influencers you wish to work with, communicate your concept via social media direct messages or email (if available on their websites). Offer to share your project so they can test it themselves; ask if they would share its link with their followers; offer a presentation and make available copies for testing themselves as part of the deal.

Participate in or Host an event

For an effective way to meet new people and gain knowledge from experienced creators, consider attending events such as conventions, meet-ups, seminars, or industry parties. At these gatherings, you can meet others interested in your work and learn something new!

Find events related to what you are working on. Depending on the nature of your project, events like craft fairs, technology conferences, game design gatherings or film festivals could prove helpful. Be sure to plan ahead, as registration deadlines may come as soon as two months prior. If you plan on hosting a booth or table at an event, make sure you bring a clipboard, paper, and pencil so you can collect email addresses from those you meet.

Online networking and virtual summits offer excellent alternatives if you can't attend in-person events. Look out for them on platforms like Facebook or Eventbrite; if none suit you, host your own. Livestream your project or webinar so viewers can discuss it and give advice—this can help expand its reach further!

Join discussions on Facebook groups and other online communities.

Are You Making Enamel Pins, Directing Films or Writing Books? Whatever your crowdfunding project involves, there are bound to be groups online with people interested in similar interests that you could reach out to - find it!

Start by searching general crowdfunding groups on Facebook. From there, explore forums like Discord and Reddit that pertain to your project and connect with people talking about its creation - this could even lead to future support of your campaign!

As you become more immersed in these groups, opportunities may arise to share your website link or ask people if they would like to join your email list. But be wary of jumping straight in with this request; wait to ask people immediately to join. Instead, add the link when appropriate for best results.

Some groups permit members to promote crowdfunding projects; others do not. Before sharing anything about your campaign with anyone in the community, ensure you abide by all rules set forth by that community.

Write a post for a popular blog.

Submitting a guest post on an established blog can increase the exposure of your brand, blog or work to more readers - even if it means posting directly onto your own website! Writing such posts gives more people access to see your work while providing an opportunity to discuss its concept as well as goals with its creation - it shows them just how knowledgeable you are on any particular topic!

Locate blogs relevant to your project.

Start by making a list of websites and blogs you have researched while developing your idea. Then, use tools such as Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Buffer to locate popular blogs quickly. Once you've selected some, contact their editor/owner via their website or social media and introduce your idea—don't be shy!

Ask people to tell their friends with referrals

Once people sign up for your email list, you can ask them to tell others about it. Invite your subscribers to share your website with their friends and groups. You can even reward them if they get more people to sign up. To do this, you need a way to keep track of how many new people they bring in. You should use a program like ReferralCandy. It's cheaper and simpler to give rewards like discounts or unique content to all your customers when a certain number of new people sign up within a specific time.

A Quality Crowdfunding Kickstarter & Indiegogo List Email List Is Key For Effective Marketing.

Using Facebook ads to get more support and promote your campaign is fantastic! But remember, ads alone won't compensate for not having a solid email list. If your campaign starts to struggle halfway through, more than ads will be needed to save it.

Certain things can make your project a good fit if you're considering a marketing service like JozData. With JozData, you can access an extensive list of people who might support crowdfunding projects. This can help you reach out to the right people and make your campaign successful.

There are other things to consider, too, like whether ads will actually be worth the money for your project. It would help if you talked to someone from the marketing service you're considering using to figure this out. Having a solid email list is crucial for paid marketing to work well.

JozData is known for helping crowdfunding campaigns succeed. They offer great support and give you access to helpful resources, such as their extensive email list of potential backers. With JozData on your team, you can confidently promote and improve your campaign.

Conclusion of Comparing Crowdfunding Email List Building Methods

In conclusion, if you need people to support your crowdfunding campaign through email, JozData's email list is an effective and straightforward solution. With a vast database of 400,000 individuals willing to contribute financially, it offers a cost-effective option at only $240 for the contacts, helping you save money.

JozData ensures that the emails you send reach genuine people interested in backing projects, increasing your chances of success by connecting you with the right audience.

While you can explore other methods, such as reaching out to family and friends, leveraging social networks, collaborating on projects, engaging with influencers, attending events, participating in online communities, or blogging, these methods typically require more time and effort than using JozData's lists.

With JozData's extensive database, you can focus on bringing your project to life rather than solely on fundraising efforts. JozData offers reliable emails at an affordable price, ensuring compliance with legal regulations. Using JozData can significantly enhance the success of your crowdfunding campaign.