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Great Sites To Get a B2B Email List

Jhon Smith
Last updated on January 10, 2024
A B2B email list is a collection of email addresses for businesses. You can create it by finding contacts manually or buy it from a B2B email list provider, which makes the process faster and more efficient.

Keep scrolling to discover the top B2B email list providers and get answers to common questions about them.
1. JozData
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JozData is a great choice for B2B sales and marketing teams looking to buy email lists for various regions. The platform allows you to find leads in specific categories, ensuring you get emails from your target audience.

JozData offer B2B email lists tailored to following various categories, enabling you to discover targeted email lists that align with your specific audience.

You'll discover contact information in the purchased list, including full names, company names, job titles, mailing details, area codes, telephone and toll-free numbers, fax numbers, gender, website information, employee size, revenue, NAICS, SIC 2, SIC 4, year founded, and additional details.

Why JozData is one of the best sites for B2B Leads

Here are some reasons why JozData stands out as one of the top sites for creating B2B lists:

  • 96% data accuracy guarantee: Get accurate contact details for your mailing lists to your email marketing campaigns and ensure more of your emails reach their intended recipients.
  • Data enrichment: Use JozData to enhance your current B2B email lists with valuable lead data and updated contact information across various categories.
  • Pay for the number of Contacts: Starting at $29, you can get 500 leads for any category in the B2B Email List, with a reduced cost per lead as you increase your order quantity. Visit our pricing page for details on different tiers.

JozData offers a free sample with 50 contacts for every major job title, state, and industry. You can simply visit the free sample page and download 50 free records for each category. You can download 3 free sample lists per month, which amounts to 150 records monthly.

Our starting price for 500 leads is $29, and you can adjust the number of contacts according to your budget. Simply choose the relevant category and the desired email list, then adjust the number of contacts. You'll see the corresponding price for your selected contacts.

Additionally, the cost per lead decreases as the order quantity increases.
Pros & Cons
PROSPros Icon
  • Affordable compared to other providers
  • Provides Free Sample
  • Price Calculator
  • Not only emails, but also cell numbers, fax, mailing addresses, and more
  • Positive Reviews on Trustrecap
CONSCons Icon
  • Only USA data available
2. Lead411
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Lead411 updates its lists frequently, incorporating not only email addresses but also phone numbers and mailing addresses. This allows you to follow up with a phone call if you notice a lead has opened your email. Experience Lead411's B2B email database free for 7 days before opting for their paid plans. The basic plan, priced at $99 per month per user, offers 200 contacts monthly. With a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on G2 Crowd, Lead411 proves to be a reliable choice.

The platform offers a tool that’s specific to real estate agents. This tool allows a real estate agent to look for real estate leads, offering users access to over one million contacts.

Lead411 provides three subscription options with credit ranges from 2,400 to 12,000. The packages begin at an annual cost of $900 and go up to $5,000.
Pros & Cons
PROSPros Icon
  • Easy to use
  • Lot of cell numbers
  • Free Trial
CONSCons Icon
  • Costly as compared to others
  • This tool works for only some countries
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