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Kickstarter Email List and Mailing List

Looking to take your Kickstarter campaign to the next level? Look no further! Our specialized 5 Million Backers Email List is designed to give your project the boost it needs to succeed. With our carefully curated list of engaged and enthusiastic individuals, you can connect directly with potential backers who are eager to support innovative and exciting ventures.

Our email list provides you with a direct line to backers who have shown a genuine interest in supporting crowdfunding projects like yours. By connecting with them, you can share your project's story, showcase its unique features, and create a personal connection that resonates with potential backers.

2 Million Kickstarter Email List
Over 95% Email Deliverability Guaranteed
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5 Million Kickstarter Email List
Over 95% Email Deliverability Guaranteed
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FAQs Regarding Kickstarter Email List and Mailing List

Where to collect emails for KickStarter Email List?

To build a Kickstarter email list, consider leveraging multiple channels to collect emails. Utilize your existing network, including friends, family, and colleagues, and encourage them to share your campaign. Utilize social media platforms to create engaging content that attracts potential backers and include a call-to-action to join your email list. Additionally, use your project's website or landing page to capture visitor emails with a sign-up form.

Another option is that you can purchase a Kickstarter email list to save time and increase your chances of success. Jozdata is a leading provider that can provide you with a list of 5 million Kickstarter emails.

Buying Email list for your Crowdfunding Campaign Legal?

Yes, it's okay to buy email lists.

The main law about sending commercial emails in the U.S. is called the CAN-SPAM Act. This law doesn't say you can't buy or sell email lists. Instead, it focuses on the content and purpose of the emails. You can read the full text of the CAN-SPAM Act on the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) website to see what it says.

The CAN-SPAM Act sets rules for commercial emails, gives people the right to stop getting emails, and has penalties for breaking the rules.

So, in simple terms, it's legal to buy email lists for marketing.